Shell Fuel Economy Refresh reinforces Shell’s commitment to fuel economy. The campaign aims to emphasize the value of fuel economy and the long-term benefits of adopting fuel efficiency as a way of life.  

At the heart of this campaign is the commitment of Shell Fuel Economy Formula, a breakthrough development in fuels technology that is designed  to help drivers go further. Shell Super  the petrol and diesel variation of the regular maingrade fuel, ensures greater fuel efficiency through superior quality.

As the Shell Fuel Economy Refresh initiative kicks off, a comprehensive awareness and consumer engagement drive was activated across all Shell fuel pumps. A compelling radio campaign and prominent placements in outdoor media have been designed to encourage vehicle owners to embrace the benefits of Shell Fuel Economy fuels.

Additionally, an in-depth orientation exercise, targeted at Shell’s retailers, attempts to reinforce the fuel economy philosophy, therefore enabling them to guide customers meaningfully.

The different elements of the Shell Fuel Economy Refresh initiative seek to ultimately educate motorists about responsible driving behaviours and reiterate the importance of smart fuelling, for greater fuel efficiency.

Shell Fuel Economy is rooted in more than a century’s worth of R&D innovation. Shell’s fuel scientists have dedicated years of research towards making fuel as efficient as possible – reaching some significant milestones along the way.

The campaign goes live across all nine cities where Shell Retail India has operations, namely Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Surat.

Shell Fuel Economy at Work

The Fuel Economy Formula is designed to promote engine cleanliness, therefore improving engine efficiency.

Shell fuel economy is formulated with a unique combination of additives that are designed to maintain engine performance by keeping injectors clean, protecting valuable engine parts, protecting against corrosion and keeping engine fuel systems clean.

Improved engine efficiency can be manifested in a number of ways, one of which can be reduced fuel consumption and therefore extra kilometres.

The top 5 fuel-saving actions are:

Drive Smoothly

Avoid accelerating or having to brake too often

Use the Top Gear

Change up to a higher gear as early as possible

Reduce Speed

Avoid driving faster than 110km/hour

Avoid Excessive Idling

Switch the engine off after ten seconds or less when idling

Avoid Over-Revving

Avoid over-revving the engine when changing gears