Shreya and Abhay were one of the 3000 students of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon who attended Road Safety Awareness session held by Shell India in November 2013. Apart from the awareness sessions for students, Defensive Driving Awareness Session was provided to about 80 school bus drivers.

A lot of great effort is made by Shell on the topic of road safety. But, it is also important to measure the impact and hence, six months after the sessions, the team from Shell went back to the school to evaluate if the sessions made any impact to the students, teachers and the bus drivers and this is what they had to say :

Ms Shalini Arora, Senior Mistress, Middle School said – “We were very pleased with Shell India’s objective of inculcating a culture of road safety in future generations by ingraining the rights and responsibilities of each road user, and valuing the rights of others on the road in today’s youth."

We also met Ravinder Singh, one of the school bus drivers. He said, “I found the session by Shell India very useful. Among other things, I learnt - how I can maintain my school bus, how I can help children safely board and de-board the bus, how to handle an emergency/accident and the importance of the presence of First-aid kit in the school bus. I thank Shell India for providing us with a tool kit, which I found very useful.

The two-day road safety awareness program was launched in Delhi Public School which consisted of one and a half hour awareness session for all sections of classes V to X. The session consisted of presentation conducted by Hubert Ebner and an interactive discussion, followed by quiz. The topics ranged from traffic rules to road ettiquette to our own responsibilities in terms of road safety. To complete the learning, the students were requested to write down their pledge on paper and have it signed by their parents. This ensured the learning was permanent and demonstrated commitment

Here are some of the notes written by students about the workshop :