June 5, New Delhi: Shell and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) will open admissions for the fourth batch of their PhD scholarship programme in July 2015. The five-year Computational Sciences for Energy Research (CSER) initiative, started in 2012, is supported with a commitment of about Euro 45 million from Shell and the NWO.

Fifty-five students have joined the PhD programme, part of the CSER initiative, to date and there are 20 more places to fill in 2015-2016. The ongoing partnership with NWO, the national Research Council, will provide post graduate doctorate scholarships for a total of 75 Indian students at leading institutes in The Netherlands.

The aim of this programme is to develop new talent in the computational sciences who can help to deliver innovative technology solutions for the world’s energy challenges. Successful scholarship applicants will have a chance to work with Shell after finishing their programme. They will be offered jobs at Shell’s Technology Centre in Bengaluru— one of Shell’s three global hubs for technology in addition to Houston and Amsterdam. The students will also have the opportunity to pursue an internship at Shell R&D labs in The Netherlands during the course of their PhD studies.

Commenting on the programme Mr. Harry Brekelmans, Executive Committee member and Projects & Technology Director, Royal Dutch Shell,  said: “Technical and competitive IT is a core part of our technology capability. It enables us to make better decisions and more efficiently manage our assets. Only the brightest and best minds, along with cutting edge hardware, will allow us to handle ever increasing volumes of data to deliver the energy that society relies on.”

Shell, one of the largest and most diversified international investors in India's energy sector, is increasing its focus on computational research to deliver technologically innovative solutions to boost exploration and recovery, develop new algorithms to improve smart grids, and to come up with new concepts in battery technologies.

 Dr. Yasmine Hilton, Chairman, Shell Companies in India, added: “Clean and sustainable energy is a major concern for nations across the globe. This initiative was launched to establish a strong relationship between Shell and professional elite of Computational Science to address the world’s energy challenge. Partnering with The Netherlands, we are tapping into India’s talent pool to identify the brightest candidates who can partner with Shell in this journey.”

Said Dr Christa Hooijer, Director of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO): “The CSER initiative is making a large contribution to the knowledge base in computational science. It is also further strengthening ties between India and The Netherlands, by establishing strong relationships through education and talent. We hope all PhD students will find this experience valuable and continue their link with NWO and Shell.”

This partnership will also create greater public awareness of Dutch universities in India and showcase the various opportunities The Netherlands offers to Indian students as a destination for higher education. 


About Shell India

Shell is one of the most diversified international oil companies in India's energy sector. It is a major private sector supplier of crude products and chemicals to India. With over 3000 staff in the country, Shell has a significant technology centre, a financial business services centre and operates a joint venture LNG receiving and re-gasification terminal. Earlier this year, it signed MOUs for a floating LNG terminal in the country. Shell also has a downstream business marketing fuels, lubricants and specialty products. It recently announced creation of an in-house global IT centre in Bengaluru.


Students wishing to apply for this programme, please write to p.priyadarshini@shell.com 

For media queries,  please write to Viswakumar Menon at viswakumar.menon@shell.com or Smera Chawla at Smera.Chawla@edelman.com