[National], Today, Shell and a band of international stars unveil a new music video called ‘On Top of the World’ to put the spotlight on a range of clean energy initiatives being undertaken across the world to reduce air pollution and spread awareness of their benefits.

‘On Top of the World’ features five global music artists - including Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, British songstress Pixie Lott and India’s very own Monali Thakur – and uses cutting-edge custom animation to help each star demonstrate the impact of clean energy projects supported by Shell around the world, including Brazil, China, the US, Kenya, India, Germany and the UK.

The video showcases both ‘bright energy ideas’ created by entrepreneurs supported by #makethefuture campaign, and some projects from Shell and its partners to create cleaner energy solutions like:

  • Shell Natural Gas: Providing cleaner cooking option with piped natural gas, combating indoor pollution, and empowering women by reducing the time they spend in the kitchen – a time they can allot to exercise their basic right to education and employment
  • Insolar: Providing solar energy access to low income communities in Brazil
  • GravityLight: Creating sustainable and cleaner light for families and children in Kenya
  • Shell Partnership with Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves: Bringing clean cook stoves to families and creating healthier homes in China
  • Shell Hydrogen: Creating additional cleaner transport choices for the future in the USA, Germany and the UK

‘On Top of the World’ is the latest chapter in the #makethefuture global energy relay, that began in 2016 with the launch of the ‘Best Day of My Life’ music video, which subsequently topped viral video charts and became one of the most viewed online videos of the year globally.

Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, British songstress Pixie Lott, Brazilian chart-topper Luan Santana and Nigerian artist Yemi Alade reunite, and are joined by Indian talent Monali Thakur to cover the Imagine Dragons’ hit ‘On Top of the World’.

In the Indian context, the music video highlights the benefits of natural gas as an alternative to dirtier form of burning fuel commonly used in India for cooking and other indoor activities. Gas is expected to play an important role in energy transition in India. Through #makethefuture initiative and the music video, Shell is engaging with the millennials to educate them about the benefits of gas and its role in combating pollution and carbon emissions.

Nitin Prasad, Chairman at Shell companies in India said: “Music is a universal language of togetherness and compassion. By tapping into our passion for it with this stellar line up of artists, we can spark a global conversation around access to cleaner energy in an engaging way. Shell believes that collaboration is the key in addressing future energy challenges and through the #makethefuture campaign we are working with diverse partners including business, entrepreneurs, and artists towards unlocking more and cleaner energy solutions.”

Monali Thakur said, “As an artist, I’m proud to be able to lend my voice to spread awareness among younger generations of the benefits of adopting cleaner fuels. In India, a large section of the population still depends heavily on wood or pet coke or kerosene for cooking and other indoor activities. It is essential that they are made aware of their harmful effects, and who best to do that than the younger generation and the millennials.”

The music video launches today on the Shell Youtube page, and is accompanied by a suite of “Energy Explainer” films for people to find out more about each of the initiatives.

To find out more about this and other #makethefuture projects, please visit shell.com/makethefuture.