The energy transition isn't just about switching to cleaner energy sources; it's about transforming how we live and balancing economic development with environmental responsibility. Global energy leader Shell is playing its part in boosting India's energy startup ecosystem through its flagship startup acceleration program.

Initiated in 2017, Shell E4 is working to propel India towards a sustainable energy future. A key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it acts as a hub, seamlessly connecting talent, technology, capital, and expertise for energy entrepreneurs. The startups Shell E4 supports are driving positive change in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

Shell's commitment to the ever-changing energy ecosystem is reflected in the program, which offers four different tracks for startups at different stages of their journey. These tracks offer support to energy entrepreneurs, helping them develop and fine-tune their products while gaining access to valuable resources and mentorship.

The support ecosystem includes advisory services, access to infrastructure, and networking opportunities, which enables startups to address technical and commercial challenges effectively. The programme also plays a crucial role in facilitating startup funding and customer deployment opportunities. Shell investment arms like Shell Ventures allow startups to raise additional capital, while the demo day provides a platform to showcase ideas to potential customers, including Shell.

Debasis Goswami, General Manager, Shell E4 Startup Hub, said: “Our core mission is to empower early-stage energy entrepreneurs, enabling them to scale up and actively contribute towards shaping a net-zero future for the country.”

He added that the hub has collaborated with 40+ early-stage startups over the past six years. The aim is to continually identify and engage with startups possessing the right talent and vision to innovate and accelerate India's energy transition.

“We are committed to nurturing lasting relationships with all our incubated startups through the Shell E alumni network. This initiative brings together diverse groups of startups in key areas such as e-mobility, digital, renewable energy, and waste to fuel amongst others. Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to foster innovation, thereby shaping a supportive ecosystem for sustainable energy initiatives in India,” Goswami said.

The programme culminates in a demo day, where startups can pitch their ideas to top investors from India and abroad. This is an invitation to join the Shell E4 alum network which offers startups opportunities for ongoing market visibility and participation in other Shell-sponsored forums and events.

The Net Zero Challenge Finale 2023 held at the Shell ‘Changemakers of Tomorrow event’, showcased several innovative startups committed to tackling environmental and energy challenges head-on. These startups, including Apratima Biosolutions, Rechain (GreenAadhar), Earthsaathi, EneNanoVerse, and Prakreti, represent the next generation of changemakers dedicated to driving positive change in the energy sector.

The Net Zero Challenge is pivotal to Shell's commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions. It offers emerging talent from educational institutions, research organisations, and incubators a global platform to showcase their initiatives and develop market-fit products. Through mentoring from international leaders and industry experts, participants receive support to refine their ideas and navigate the complexities of the energy landscape.

As appeared in YourStory