Oil and gas giant Shell, as part of its portfolio expansion in India, has introduced new and improved Shell fuels — regular petrol and Shell V-Power petrol — designed and tested for over 5 years.

Speaking to businessline, Sanjay Varkey, Director, Shell Mobility India, said the new offering is aimed at delivering two benefits: enhanced fuel efficiency, which will last up to 15 km more per full tank. Moreover, it will also help in reducing carbon CO2 emissions.

“As the consumer upgrades to vehicles with more refined engines, we aim to give them products that will deliver a superior driving experience. The launch of the improved product versions comes at a time when petrol passenger vehicle sales growth remains high in India,” he said.

Improved diesel

In addition, it plans to launch the improved diesel, which will be a new fuel formulation for diesel, both for normal diesel and Shell V power diesel. So that will happen once the company finishes the launch of the petrol.

The products have been launched in other Asian markets, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. “We’re also there in most of the European markets, and the least that we can say is that the response has been good,” said Varkey.

In India, the company is majorly present in the South and West regions, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat, and has around 350 stations. The new fuel variants will be available across all Shell petrol stations.

Recharge services

In addition to its fuel offerings, the company also offers recharge services with over 200 charge points. These are available in key States, including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Speaking about the plans for network expansion, Varkey said that while giving a particular number is difficult, there are definitely more in the pipeline.

“We are committed to growing; however, expansion will depend on how the market evolves and the opportunities it provides. It’s happening all the time, with some of them in the pipeline.” In addition to the new fuel variants, the company is focussed on growing its lubricants business, non-fuel which includes retail and convenience vertical and EV charging business.

As appeared in Businessline