Road Safety Partnership with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India 

Every hour there are 17 deaths on Indian roads and 8 out of those17 are Millennials! 80% of the fatalities on Indian roads are attributed to human behavior. In keeping with our core commitment to be safe and keep others safe in everything we do, Shell India in partnership with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India launches Drive Safe India’ a social media campaign to inspire millennials in India to adopt safe driving habits for themselves and others. The campaign uses videos to drive home the point of staying focused and protected while driving with no distractions. And you can do all this without taking the fun out of driving. So check out the campaign. Like, share and spread the word around. You can also contribute your stories on how we can make our roads safer in India by writing to us:

Drive Safe India, is a behaviour change program targeting millennials on India’s roads to inspire adoption of Top 5 Safe behaviours which will help them be safe on the road. These are:

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