As our country faces an unprecedented rise in the number of COVID-19 cases again, we want to assure you that Shell stations across our network continue to operate safely and reliably as per directives from government/local authorities, providing our customers with essential fuel and supplies.

The safety and wellbeing of our customers and site staff is of paramount importance to us and we have taken appropriate measures in this direction to ensure Shell fuel stations remain clean and as safe as possible for everyone.

All developments around COVID-19 are being closely monitored and we will continue to adapt accordingly to protect our customers and our site staff. In the meantime, let's help each other get through these uncertain times as best we can. Thank you for your help and understanding, and please stay safe.

What you can expect at our service stations:

  • Hygiene

    • Our staff at our fuel pumps are cleaning sites more intensively and regularly, particularly areas of high public contact such as counters, fuel pumps and door handles.
    • Wearing a mask inside a Shell station is mandatory.
    • Our site staff have been adequately trained on the importance of social distancing.
    • We follow government guidance on cleaning of hands regularly with soap or sanitizer. The toilets at our sites are open for staff and customers’ use.
    • We have employed multiple crowd and queue management techniques at our stations.
  • Payment

    • When you pay, we recommend using card or contactless payments in the store, rather than cash. We have facilities like UPI and NFC enabled at our fuel stations.
    • If you do go into the store, please make sure you always stay at least 1m away from other customers and wear a mask above your nose and mouth at all times.
  • Offers and Supplies

    • We’re working closely with our suppliers to keep our fuel stations well stocked.
    • All our deli2go counters are being sanitized at regular intervals.
    • All the staff handling food will continue to wear gloves, caps and masks as part of our food handling procedures.
    • We have extended our range of products to include daily essentials like bread, eggs, milk, etc. at select stations and safety essentials range like disinfectant wipes, masks, sanitizers, etc. to help you minimize your trips outside of your homes and fulfill all your needs at one place, while ensuring you remain safe on-the-go.
    • We have partnered with Dunzo, Zomato and Amazon Food at select stations to ensure that you have ready access to all your favorites from Shell Select and deli2go right from the comfort of your home.

Vaccination Drives for Frontline Staff

As the world grapples with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of various vaccines has renewed hopes of a normal tomorrow. Getting vaccinated is the best line of defense we have against the invisible enemy.

In line with our philosophy of safety and care, and our continued commitment towards our people and the communities we are a part of, the Shell India Mobility team had organized COVID-19 vaccination drives for our frontline staff and their eligible family members at our fuel stations across the network.

Another major part of our workforce - the construction crews that help build the beautiful sites we see across our network cities – were also inoculated through these vaccination drives. This was done in collaboration with local hospitals and government officials, and our on ground team were able to inoculate all of our eligible* staff across our retailer operated fuel stations with the first jab. A lot of effort and care was taken to make the staff feel comfortable about taking the vaccine - from addressing concerns and explaining the side effects of the vaccine to organizing vaccination camps, our network of retailers along with their respective territory managers and the wider Mobility teams have taken a step in the right direction. This will certainly go a long way in helping break the chain of transmission and make our stations safer than ever.

(*staff who were fit to receive the vaccine as per the MoHFW norms and accounting for churn.)


Care for Community

Read about Shell's efforts to support the local community in this time of uncertainty

COVID-19 has affected our daily lives but it has been more challenging for some than the others. As an essential services provider, we have seen the impact on the ground and have tried to reach out to the communities we serve. We have provided the ones in need with essentials, with the help of local governing bodies and organizations.

In most places, our care packages included basic food items that would help feed a family of four for almost 5 days. In some areas, we distributed basic hygiene products (soaps and sanitizers), and for migrants, we organized freshly prepared meals and face masks. The on-ground activities were driven by our retailers, dealers and their teams who have made a difference to the local communities over the past few weeks.

Detailed state-wise account our initiatives are captured below.

Please note: All necessary safety norms including social distancing were followed while carrying out the activities in order to ensure personal well-being of one and all.


Our retailers in Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli-Dharwad have been engaged in procuring, packaging and distribution of relief kits to the people most affected by COVID-19. So far, more than 4500 kits have been distributed in these 3 cities.

In Bangalore, our retailers in association with Shell Fleet Solutions team, have been distributing personal care kits consisting of sanitizers, disinfectants and Vitamin-C boosters to Uber Medic drivers, to help them ‘go well’ even in these difficult times.

One of our retailers from Bangalore, Mr. Lohith decided to dedicate his birthday to a special cause. He joined hands with a local NGO and donated groceries that can feed up to 50 families. Each bag of grocery contained rice, pulses, wheat flour and oil.

Our retail team from Bull Temple Road and Sankey Road stations decided to spend their after-duty hours at the ISKCON temple packing around 30,000 grocery kits. These kits are handed over every day to those who are badly impacted by the outbreak. Our team gladly volunteered to help in packing these kits as ISKCON was facing trouble due to shortage of manpower. 

Mr. Sovit Khemka and his team of brave hearts wanted to do a little something for the people in their trade area and approached the DCP of Whitefield for permission to distribute food packets. With the help of the local police authorities, they were able to distribute food parcels to around 500 families and further hand-over around 600 parcels to the local police station for distribution in the future as and when they deemed fit.

Maharashtra, Telangana & AP

Our retailers in Pune, Nashik, Vizag and Hyderabad, along with their teams, safely packed and distributed essential food items like wheat flour, rice and pulses to those who have been most affected by the lockdown. Through this activity, they were able to support the daily needs of over 500 families.

Our frontline team from Pimpri, Pune participated in a blood donation drive when the turn out to such drives is expected to be low on account of the lockdown.

Our retailers in Nashik interacted with around 100 children in Adharteerth Ashram. These children are from agricultural families that have lost their livelihoods due to various adversities surrounding Covid. Our retailers taught the importance of hygiene through demonstrations and provided the children with food packets and sweets.

The frontline teams in Pune also distributed masks and sanitizers to PCMC ward office which caters to 14 healthcare wards.


Our sites in Vadodara have formed a unique partnership with the local police. They are assisting our men in uniforms in taking care of their vehicles by offering periodic checks of the health of their vehicles.

Our retailers and their teams in Surat thanked the essential services personnel by offering them tea and snacks for their hard work during these challenging times.

In an effort to make the community a safe zone, our service champions from Aslali and Vastral have started an initiative called “CARE KARO NA” wherein they have taken the responsibility of educating the staff, vendors, local shop owners, and other community members about the virus and ways to prevent it, like regular washing of hands, sanitization of frequently touched surfaces, regular temperature checks, use of protective gear like masks, etc. They have also been distributing essential protective items like masks and soaps to members of the community.

Tamil Nadu

Our retailer Balraj Murugan, noticed that the police department in his area was facing a challenge in procuring face masks and hand sanitizers. Murugan recognized the challenge and procured additional masks and sanitizers. Through his efforts, he and his team were able to distribute 350 sanitizers and 1600 face masks, all of which were self-sourced.

To help the senior citizens in their society, our service champions from Avadi Poonamalle decided to help them with their daily essentials and groceries. Our service champions played the part of responsible neighbours perfectly and left the groceries at the security desk along with a bottle of sanitizer to prevent the risk of infection.

Dealer’s Network

Our dealer partners have also been lending their support and supporting their local communities. Our dealers from Assam and Meghalaya have been engaged in distributing ration kits to entire villages and have been able to support more than 1700 families till date. They have also been spreading awareness about importance of personal hygiene and social distancing. Their acts of kindness have garnered coverage in the regional media.

One of our dealer partners from Vadodara distributed over 700 packets of home-cooked meals to migrants stranded in camps on the outskirts of the city over multiple days. He also supported the migrant population by distributing over 1000 packets of personal hygiene products including toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, etc. to promote personal hygiene.

Our dealer partner from Kornahalli fuel station in Karnataka distributed over 200 masks to customers visiting the fuel station when he realized that there was a shortage in the area. Through this activity, he was able to spread awareness about COVID-19 and limit the risk of exposure for both the customers and his team of service champions.

Our dealer partner from Dahod has been engaged in distributing fresh home cooked meals twice a day (lunch and dinner) to over 750 migrants in a camp near the city.

The team of service champions and our dealer partner also supported the migrant workers in the town of Nasik in Maharashtra who were trying to return to their native states due to loss of livelihood under the current circumstances.


Healthcare Heroes

Shell’s way of showing appreciation for the healthcare community for their selfless service in these extraordinary times

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The Healthcare Heroes Campaign is how we showed our appreciation for the healthcare community for their selfless service in these extraordinary times. Through this campaign we thanked the numerous frontline workers in the healthcare sector (doctors, nurses, ward boys, paramedics etc.) who are at work every day and giving their all to help India win the COVID-19 battle.

As part of this campaign, anyone working in the healthcare industry who visited our fuel station during the campaign period was entitled to a complimentary beverage. They only needed to display their valid organization identity card at the site to avail the complimentary product.

This campaign made it possible for us to present a small token of thanks to around 2600 members of the healthcare community across 62 of our fuel stations.