Shell Advance Ultra 15W50-1L pack
Shell Advance Ultra 15W50-1L pack

Shell Advance Ultra 15W50-1L pack


High-performance air and water-cooled four stroke motorcycle engines including

  • Race-tuned engines
  • Ones with integral gearboxes
  • Even with wet clutches


Shell PurePlus Technology converts natural gas into a clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities of crude oil

Specification and Approvals

  • SAE 10W-40 and SAE 15W50
  • API SN
  • JASO MA2
  • Endorsed by Ducati
Advance AX7 15W50 - 3L
Advance AX7 15W50-3L pack

Advance AX7 15W50- 3L


  • 2.5L to 3L Sumps
  • Suggested for higher CC / higher BHP bikes like Royal Enfield


Shell Advance AX7 is formulated with Shell Active Cleansing Technology which helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposit and hence

  • Delivers more power & response
  • Reduces engine noise & vibration
  • Protects & prolongs engine life


  • SAE 15W50
  • API SM
  • JASO MA2


By selecting Shell Advance oil, you will know that you are providing Shell’s maximum protection and helping your bike to cope with these high stress levels. When you turn the throttle, you can relax with the knowledge that you will get the most out of your bike for longer.

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