Presenting Shell Advance AX7, the winning ingredient for your ride. Shell Advance AX7 the semi-synthetic motorcycle engine oil comes with Active cleansing Technology. Shell’s active cleansing technology helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposit which enhances performance. Even under stressful conditions, it helps ensure that your engine delivers high power and torque, improving control, comfort and enhancing the excitement and comfort of your ride all helping YOU EMERGE AS A WINNER.

Some heroes are born. Some are made. Fewer still rise from their own ashes and redefine the very meaning of the word. Biker at heart. Inspiration by choice. Watch the incredible story of physically challenged biker Vinod Rawat. He has biked thousands of miles and trekked up tens of thousands of feet all with a prosthetic leg. What sets Vinod Rawat apart from other adventurers is The Winning Ingredient.

1L Advance 4T AX7 10w 40

Shell Advance AX7 Enhances performance of standard motorcycles, underbones and mopeds.

Shell Advance AX7 formulated with Shell Active Cleansing Technology which helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposit.

  • Delivers more power & response
  • Reduces engine noise & vibration
  • Protects & prolongs engine life

Available in viscosity grades: 10W-40. All formulations meet: API SM and JASO MA2.

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