Going to work or family gatherings, meeting friends, shopping, eating out or just stepping out for a walk. We had to stop everything to ensure safety above all. After months of staying home, we are now cautiously stepping back into the new normal. We at Shell are doing everything we can to enable safe mobility for our consumers and customers.

Amongst other initiatives, we have:

  • Been working with skeletal staff to keep our Taloja plant running while ensuring safety and social distancing
  • Recently tied up with Pitstop and Residents’ Welfare Associations to enable doorstep servicing of vehicles to minimise exposure for consumers while generating employment opportunities for the mechanic community
  • Enabled virtual diagnostics for our industrial customers to ensure that they receive the best possible inputs from us even in these times
  • Engaged with OEMs and participated in various upskilling and reskilling sessions
  • Been involved in the distribution of PPE amongst our partners

Let us all resolve to emerge stronger than ever before, and keep our consumers and customers at the heart of all our efforts. Let us stay safe and keep moving together to get #BackOnTrack

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Thank you!

A big thanks to truck drivers and healthcare professionals across the country for driving India forward in such tough times and ensuring the supply of essential services to all.

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