Stay home, stay safe is the mantra for all during these tough times. However, there is still a set of people who are going about their duty on a daily basis, driving the country forward and ensuring the supply of essential services to all of us so that we can stay safe with our loved ones. These include truck drivers who are ensuring we get a steady supply of groceries, vegetables and milk; healthcare professionals like doctors, ambulance drivers and paramedics who are taking care of the people falling sick; shopkeepers and grocers who are doing everything they can to keep their shelves stocked ; and those working at banks who are ensuring that people continue to have access to funds.

With the country in the throes of a lockdown, many of these truckers while going about their duty, have also been stranded a long way away from home and at Shell, we wanted to take this opportunity to say a big, heartfelt thank you to them.

We decided to create a care package with food and hygiene essentials and reach out to these people wherever they may be stuck – be it Transport Nagars, toll nakas or highways. Through this activity, we are reaching out to truckers and ambulance drivers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

We are working with Vision Spring to conduct this in Delhi-NCR and with our trusted partners – our distributors – in Chennai and Bangalore.

This is a small gesture and our way of saying Thank you to a community that has helped drive the country forward and maintain essential services even during such extraordinary times.

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