Packshot of Shell Rimula T2

Approved by TATA MOTORS for service fill in virtually all heavy duty applications including turbo charged engines, requiring API CF4 specification.

Shell Rimula T2  engine oils specially designed for TATA vehicles, use proven(or TATA approved combination of) combinations of additives that react to the the varying needs of your engine. They include active dispersants to carry away dirt, keeping the engine clean. Each dedicated additive releases its protective energy when needed  to ensure:

  1. Reliable and consistent protection against deposits and wear
  2. Resist thickening by heat

Exclusively recommended engine oil for

Trucks, Buses, LCV, fitted with Cummins and TATA engines  OR TATA vehicles fitted with Cummins / TATA  Engines

Specifications and approvals: API CF4+ for use in TATA Diesel Engines