Packshot of Shell Rimula T3

Approved by TATA MOTORS for service fill in virtually all their heavy duty engines - non turbo charged and turbo charged alike, on and off highway,requiring API CH4 specification

Shell Rimula T3 oils especially designed for TATA vehicles, feature modern high-performance lubricant chemistry specifically designed to protect against the changing needs of your driving conditions. This unique adaptive technology features multi-component systems to provide triple action protection:

  1. Low wear for long engine life
  2. Low deposit formation to maintain engine performance
  3. Resists breakdown by heat for continuous protection

Suitable for:
Trucks, Buses, LCV

Sepcifications and approvals: API CH4 / SJ / SL; MB 228.3 / 229.1; ACEA A3/B3/E5-02, VDS 3, CES22071/72/76, MAN3275,Mack EO-M Plus, RVI RLD, Allison C4 MTU category 2, Global DHD-1