We are leaders in oil because:

Our pioneering research centres invest in the latest technology

We’re constantly challenged by innovative technical partnerships

We help to deliver excellent engine protection

By cleaning, protecting and lubricating, our range of Shell oils is designed for the challenges of today’s vehicles. We test our oils beyond industry standards because you never know when your vehicle may be pushed to its limit. And to ensure we stay ahead when it comes to technology and performance, we have developed strong technical partnerships with some of the most prominent names in motorsport.

We also understand drivers’ needs. Shell oil is present in more than 130 countries and serves over 20 million customers a day through 40,000 service stations. We obtain regular customer feedback, and this is fed into our lubricant research programme to make sure that we develop Shell oils to meet their needs – whether they drive in Arctic or tropical conditions.

Our pioneering research centres invest in the latest technology

Our leading research centres across the globe combine knowledge, expertise and innovation to create solutions that add real value for you. Investing in the latest technology means we are often the first to market products and services that provide superior protection and efficiency.

“Everyone in our Technology department has a partner in lubricants and vice versa, so technology is now completely integrated as one team.”

Andrew Foulds, Vice President Fuels Technology

“We have to make sure our products match the needs of each sector, which is why our product development always starts with a customer challenge. We also evolve them regularly, because our customers and their products and technology are changing all the time.”

Andrew Foulds, Vice President Fuels Technology

We’re constantly challenged by innovative technical partnerships

Shell has been making high-quality motor oil and working with some of the world’s top racing teams since the 1920s. Our technical partnerships with motorsport champions Scuderia Ferrari, Ducati and NASCAR bring constant learning from the racetrack. These then influence the products that we produce for your vehicle.

“Technology leadership for us is about excelling in three key areas: technology innovation, technology application and technology partnerships.”

Andrew Foulds, Vice President Fuels Technology

Shell Helix has been developed during the technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula One team – now lasting more than 60 memorable years. Its unique active cleansing technology cleans your engine as you drive. This removes more dirt and sludge than conventional oils, providing Shell’s ultimate cleaning performance. The fact that there are fewer regulatory restrictions on lubricants in Formula One gives Shell chemists and engineers more freedom to explore new unique formulations.

Another great technical partnership that has improved our oils and lubricants is between Shell Advance and Ducati, the championship-winning MotoGP team. Whatever we learn with them, we transfer to where bikers need it most – the engine, the gearbox and the bike chain. This constant innovation means bikers can rely on Shell Advance to help get the best performance from their bike.

Learn more about our technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari.
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We help to deliver excellent engine protection

All of our oils are designed to protect, whether that’s through cleaning or lubricating. For example, Shell Helix motor oils contain the same active cleansing agents as the Shell Helix lubricant used in Scuderia Ferrari Formula One engines. These agents actively protect internal engine components with the aim of maximising performance.

Shell Rimula is depended on for protection and reliability. For businesses using heavy duty diesel engines, it is critical that they stay in top condition. Every second they are out of action costs money. That’s why we designed Shell Rimula to help protect engines and maximise equipment life – even in extreme conditions. It can also help trucks run for longer without stopping to drain their oil, therefore making considerable cost savings.

To find out which of our oils can provide the best protection for your vehicle try the Shell LubeMatch tool.

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