Exterior Products

Shell Exterior Cleaning – Wipes

  • Ideal for insects and bird droppings
  • Quick and easy exterior cleaning solution
  • Re-sealable and easy to store in your car

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Shell Premium Car Shampoo

  • Suffused with rich vanilla-almond fragrance and enriched with Carnauba wax
  • Shell Shampoo cleans, provide shine and protects the surface of the car

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Exterior cleaning- Wax Polish

  • Brilliant shine
  • Removes light scratches
  • Vanilla almond fragrance
  • Silicone blend for color reviving
  • 3-­‐in-­‐1: shine, protect and color reviving

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Exterior cleaning- Speed Wax

  • Removes water spots
  • Quick fix for extra gloss
  • Carnauba wax enriched
  • All exterior paintwork and chrome
  • 3-­‐in-­‐1: shine, protect and water repellent

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Exterior cleaning- Wheel Cleaner

  • All wheels in all sizes
  • Acid free: safe for paintwork or wheels
  • Fluid color indicator (turns purple)
  • Highly effective and fast working formula
  • German Wheel Cleaner test winner: Auto,Motor und Sport issue 21 in 2017.

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Exterior cleaning- Wheel Cleaner Wipes

  • Quick and easy wheel cleaning solution
  • Ideal as finishing touch after a washing
  • Resealable and easy to store in your car

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Exterior cleaning

  • Up to 20 tyres
  • Wet look effect
  • Non greasy formula
  • All tyres and whole year round use
  • Quick and clean solution: spray and go

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Shell Tyre Shine

  • Comes with added glass enhancers to give your tyres that wet and slick look.
  • With an easy spray and go application it saves you the trouble of wiping ypur tyres after use

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Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaning- Window Cleaner

  • Inside and outside use
  • Cleans headlights too
  • Effectively removes dirt
  • Anti-­‐fog and streak free formula

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Glass cleaning- Glass Wipes

  • Resealable and easy to store in your car
  • Quick and easy cleaning solution
  • Cleans windows, lights and mirrors

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Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning- All interior Cleaner

  • All-­‐in-­‐one maintenance product for leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Triple action formula: cleans, conditions & protects
  • Quickly drying formula
  • Leaves a fresh scent
  • Removes dirt, grease or finger prints

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Interior cleaning- Leather Wipes

Shell Leather Wipes

  • Quick and easy cleaning solution
  • Cleans leather surfaces
  • Resealable and easy to store in your car

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Shell Cockpit Wipes

  • Instantly refresh the interiors of your car with these wipes.
  • Easy to store,
  • They give your car a pleasant new-leather scent.

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Care & Maintenance

Shell Multi-­‐Function Spray 400ml

  • Professional Multispray
  • Two-­‐way spray system
  • Resolves and prevents squeaking and creaking
  • Cleans metal and leaves protective film
  • Moisture-­‐repellent and anti-­‐corrosive

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Shell Brake & Clutch Fluid Dot4

  • This heavy duty product prevents vapour lock resulting from boiling of the brake fluid and protects the internal components from corrision under normal use and service.

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Shell Tyre Repair

  • An emergency fix, the Shell Tyre Repair comes with a special adapter that temporarily pumps and seals the damaged tyre, without the need for tools or a wheel change.

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