• Now available at just Rs 50! Visit your neighboring Shell petrol pump
  • Simple & ready to use
  • Safer than Cash
  • No surcharge / fees on purchase and reload at a Shell Petrol pump.
  • Exclusive benefits for Registered Customers:
    • 0.5% cash back every time you purchase for INR 500 or more
    • View your monthly statements at www.shell.com/india/cards
    • SMS alerts, every time you make a reload or purchase
    • Block your card online if it is stolen or lost

* Applies for Registered Customers only.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this Shell Cash Card Privacy Statement and contact us if you have any questions or queries. This Privacy Statement complements the Global Privacy Notices available at www.shell.in/privacy - applicable depending on your relationship with Shell (in your capacity of private customer or a business person).

What does this Privacy Statement cover?

This Privacy Statement provides information about personal data which are collected and processed in the context of the issuance and use of the Shell Cash Card as well as your visits to the Shell websites related to the Shell Cash Card Solutions business, including the Shell Cash Cards Portal.

When processing an application for a Shell Cash Card, Shell or its affiliates (“the Shell Group”) may collect and process information that is necessary for assessing the status of the applicant. After the Shell Cash Card is issued, the Shell Group may collect and process transactional and location information of the cardholders, which are collected in real time.

Source of data

If you have not provided your personal data directly to Shell, please be informed that Shell has obtained your personal data from your employing or contracting company who in turn will have ensured that your consent has been obtained if this is required.

What data do we process?

Depending on the exact services used by you or your company, Shell Cash Card Solutions may process some or all of the following types of data:

  • Customer and Business contact details including name, mobile number, government issued ID number (e.g. PAN Number), address, birth date, marketing preferences and gender (so that we can address you properly); 
  • Information necessary for the completion of regulatory requirements related to fraud prevention and screening, if applicable;
  • Transaction details including driver’s name, card number, vehicle identifier, products purchased, date, time and location.

Purposes for processing the data collected

Personal Data supplied by the applicant for a Shell Cash Card and/or collected through the use of the Shell Cash Card, may be processed for the purposes of;

  • processing the application,
  • establishing a cardholder’s identity
  • operating the cardholder’s account(s) and facilitating access to and use of the online services relating to Shell Cash Card;
  • assessing and/or reviewing the card status and/or purchase record of the Shell Cash Card on an ongoing basis;
  • conducting screening for trade controls and anti-bribery and corruption purposes (to the applicable extent);
  • monitoring volume and spend information;
  • tracing and recovering the Shell Cash Card;
  • conducting aggregated market research and/or statistical analysis;
  • identifying and (if possible) preventing money laundering and fraud; and/or
  • marketing and commercial communication subject to any consent obtained.

In each case the processing may take place at any time during the course of the application process and/or the Shell Cash Card agreement, and may continue after that agreement has ended for limited purposes (invoicing cycle, compliance with legal, fiscal and/or contractual requirements including internal audit).


Shell will only send marketing to individuals within your organisation if consent has been given. Individuals are free to withdraw their consent to receive marketing at any time. Consent may also be withdrawn at any time by your company’s authorised representative. For more information please refer to the Global Privacy Notice available at www.shell.in/privacy depending on your relationship with Shell.

Who is responsible for any personal data collected?

Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd in cooperation with your local Shell Cash cards contracting company: Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd, is the Data Controller for processing personal data.

Sharing your personal data

Your personal data that are collected as a part of the agreement may be transferred within the Shell group, including to Shell companies which may be located outside the Economic European Area (“EEA”) for the purposes specified above.

Additionally, your personal data may be shared with or obtained from any of the following parties:

  • the participants in the Shell Cash Card scheme, such as the acquirers that provide payment processing services (such as Worldline), Shell retailers and/or any other company that is permitted to supply products and/or services to Shell Cash Card cardholders under the Shell Cash Card scheme;
  • any person to whom any member of the Shell Group proposes to transfer any of its rights and/or duties under a Shell Cash Card agreement; 

We will not disclose your Personal Data without your permission unless we are legally entitled or required to do so. For full details please refer to Global Privacy Notice - available at www.shell.in/privacy depending on your relationship with Shell.

Your rights

You have the right of access to your Personal Data collected through the Shell Cash Card as well as the right to request correction or deletion of such Personal Data (but only where it is no longer required for a legitimate business purpose). For full details please refer to Global Privacy Notice available at www.shell.in/privacy depending on your relationship with Shell.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact Shell Cash Card Customer Care by calling 1800 4250 3000 (Toll Free) or 022-4042 6026 (charged at your telecommunication provider regular rates)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Shell Cash” Program?

Shell Cash is a prepaid card Program run by Shell in India to offer its customers a payment option that helps them enjoy cashless convenience at participating Shell Retail outlets.

The customers can utilize this card to purchase fuel, lubricants and products sold in the Shell C-stores. The customers can reload this card through various channels and modes of payment like cash, credit/debit cards directly at the Shell sites, or online using net banking, money transfers or using credit/debit cards.

What is the Shell Cash card?

The Shell Cash card is a magnetic stripe enabled plastic card. Because we want to make it an easier and safer alternative to cash, it does not require a PIN when you buy fuel, only a signature.

The Shell Cash card can be a personal card, fully registered in our systems with details like your phone number, mail ID and address, along with your name embossed on the card.

It can also be a non-registered card that you purchase over the counter and can start using immediately, for which the details of the card holder are not registered with Shell, and no name is embossed on the card.

In case you have one of these cards and you want to register your details to enjoy the complete benefits of the Shell Cash Program, you can go online on www.shell.com/india/cards using your card number (embossed on the card) to add your personal details.

By doing this your card will become registered in the Program and will be equivalent to a personal card. In this case you will not receive a fresh card with your name embossed on it.

How can I secure my Shell Cash Card?

  1. It is highly recommended that you don’t give your Shell Cash Card to anyone else for use. In case, you would like to hand over your card to your son/daughter/wife/parents/chauffer, please make it a point for reviewing the Card transaction slip & Shell’s electronic bill for your reference.
  2. Remember / safely make note of your Card Number immediately after you receive it. It is only with this that any emergency service, such as hot listing / preventing misuse of your lost / stolen card can be proceeded. This is mandatory for registered & non registered card holders.
  3. Non Personalized Card holders to register their card online immediately after they receive their Card. This will ensure that any money left behind your stolen / lost card is transferred to your new Card.

Why is it important to Register my Non Personalized Card?

A customer can buy a Non Personalized Card from any of the participating Shell Fuel stations at the prescribed fee. The benefit of this card is that it is ready for customer’s use immediately. However, in order to avail the complete benefit, it is highly recommended that a customer registers the card online. The benefit of registering are as follows:

  • Card security. Registration will ensure that any money left behind a stolen / lost card are transferred into the new Card.
  • 0.5% cash back every time you purchase for INR 500 or more.
  • Enables online tracking the transactions made at any of the participating Shell Outlets
  • Viewing your monthly statements on our website.
  • Blocking your card online if it gets stolen or lost.
  • Refund of monies, if any should the customer chose to cancel the Card.
  • Reload the card online using your credit/debit card*.

* subject to a convenience fee as applicable.

How can I earn Cash Back from Shell Cash Card?

  • Any customer who holds a personalized card or a REGISTERED non personalized card, starts earning cash back @ 0.5% every time you purchase for INR 500 or more using your Shell Cash Card in a day at any of the participating Shell stations.
  • This purchase of INR 500 or more can be made across different product lines – Fuels, Lubricants & Convenience Retail products. Different products can be clubbed together as well.
  • The purchase of INR 500 or more cannot be clubbed across different days. However, within the same day, INR 500 can be purchased across different product lines and at different participating outlets to be eligible for cash back.
  • The total cash back earned for the month shall be credited into the card holders Shell Cash Card account on or before 5’th of next month.
  • Cash Back will be eligible only for those purchases made after a customer has registered his/her card online.

What fees apply to the Shell Cash Program?

The following fees* apply to the Shell Cash program:

  • Card issuing fee - only applied once and includes first year membership fee :
    • Non Personalized Card (bought from Shell Fuel Stations) – Rs 50
  • Purchase transaction fee : NIL Charge
  • Reload Transaction fee : NIL Charge for loading by cash/Cr/Dr cards at a participating retail outlet. Please check for any charge that is levied by your Cr/Dr issuing bank.
  • Online Card Loading fee via NEFT (direct bank transfer from Customer’s account): NIL Charge from our end.
  • Annual membership fee (For both Personalized & Non Personalized Cards): Rs. 50
  • Card replacement fee (For both Personalized & Non Personalized Cards): Rs. 50 (if card is lost/stolen/damaged)
  • Card replacement fee at expiry date : NIL charges
  • Card cancellation fee without Refund (Nil Balance) : NIL charges
  • Card cancellation fee with Refund: Rs. 100. This is applicable only for Personalized Card holders & Registered Non Personalized Card Holders. Shell will be unable to process any refund, in case a Non Personalized Card holder has not registered online. This charge is collected owing to the refund processing charges incurred by Shell. It is recommended that a customer purchases fuels / lubricants / CR products from any of the participating stations for the balance amount in the Card & bring it to NIL balance. In such a case no charges will be levied for card cancellation as there will be NIL refund to be processed.

How long is the Membership valid for?

The Shell Cash Program Membership is valid for a period of 1 year and is automatically renewed every year, for which the annual membership fee* (Rs. 50) is deducted from the card balance.

How do I re load money on the card?

We offer various ways by which you can load your Shell Cash Card. Browse through the details below & select any mode that suits you the best.

Online Mode

  • NEFT via Netbanking/IMPS- Direct transfer from your Bank Account (Highly Recommended) : NO additional charges

It shall take 2 Working Hours post Credit to reload your Shell Cash Card.

* Kindly note that Banks are closed between 4 PM & 8 AM on regular weekdays, 2nd & 4th Saturdays, all Sundays & Public Holidays.

At Shell Outlets:

  • Cash : NO additional charge
  • Credit / Debit Card : Additional charges as applicable by the issuing bank of your credit / debit card

Can I load a Shell Cash card with a cheque?

No, reloads by cheque are not possible. Only cash, online bank money transfers and credit/debit cards (online or at Shell outlets) are accepted to reload your card.

Do I get Credit facility on Shell Cash card?

No, the Shell Cash card is not a credit card, your card account will be debited immediately and the corresponding amount deducted from the card account balance at the moment of transaction. If funds on the card are insufficient to perform a fuel purchase, then the payment will not be authorized and you will need to reload your card to continue using it.

What is the minimum and maximum loading amount?

The minimum loading amount is Rs.1,000^ and thereafter in multiples of Rs100^. E.g: Rs 900 cannot be loaded because it is less than Rs. 1,000 and similarly Rs. 1,550 cannot be loaded for it is not in multiple of Rs. 100. For security reasons, we also do not accept cash reload amounts higher than Rs. 25,000 at a time on a single day.

What should I do if my card is damaged or not working for some reason?

If your card does not work at the participating Shell Retail outlet, the site attendant may be able to assist you to solve the problem; however there may be instances when you may need to call our Customer Care number to allow us to solve the problem. In some cases, especially if the card is damaged or worn out, the card may need replacement. In such a case, the funds available on your damaged card will be transferred to the new card.

If you have a non-registered card it will not be possible to recover the balance remaining on your old card. This is one of the reasons we recommend you to register your card with your personal details online.

How do I use my Shell Cash card for purchases at the Shell outlet?

You will continue to make all purchases at a participating Shell retail outlet in the same manner that you have been doing so far. In case you are a new customer to our site, we welcome you to experience the quick and efficient service at the Shell participating retail outlet. You have to pay for the purchase of fuel, lubes or C-store items using the Shell Cash card.

How to check the balance on my Shell Cash card?

  1. Call our Customer Care on 1800 425 03000/022 4042 6026.**
  2. If your card is registered with Shell, log on to your web account at www.shell.com/india/cards
  3. You can ask the Shell attendant to swipe the card on the terminal to check your balance.
  4. Every time you make a purchase at the participating Shell Retail outlet, the charge slip will indicate the remaining balance on your card.
  5. You will also receive a SMS after each re-load or purchase transaction informing you of the balance on your card, if you are registered as a customer.

What should I do if I lose my Shell Cash card?

  1. Please contact the Customer Care number as soon as possible, on losing your Shell Cash Card. The Shell Cash team will ensure that your card is blocked immediately to prevent any misuse.
  2. If you have a registered card, Shell will replace your card with a new one and your remaining balance available at the moment of blocking the card will be transferred on the new card. You should expect to receive the new card within a week.
  3. If you have a non-registered card it will not be possible to recover the balance remaining on your old card. This is one of the reasons we recommend you to register your card with your personal details online.

What information can I get from the web on my card account?

If your card is registered on the Shell Cash web pages you will be able to view statements showing all your purchase and reload transactions, and also the opening and closing balances for the last six months.

What should I do if some data embossed on the card is incorrect?

You should call our Customer Care number and we can send you a new card with correct data. In some cases we may ask you to pay a card replacement fee.

What should I do if I want to change my registered details (e.g.: phone number and address)?

You should login (with your User ID and Password) on www.shell.com/india/cards and change your details directly there. Alternatively you can call our Customer Care number and ask for your details to be changed. There is no need for a new card.

* Subject to revision without any prior notice.
** Rates as applicable.
^ Minimum reload amounts are subject to change without any prior notice.
^^ Subject to revision without any prior notification.

Regular Shell Cash Card

What is a Regular Shell Cash Card:

  • Non Personalized Card
  • Costs INR 50
  • Available across the counter at any of the participating Shell Petrol Pumps
  • Complete benefits of Shell Cash Card applicable only after customer REGISTERS his/her card online.

How to Apply:

A Regular Shell Cash Card can be bought from any of the participating Shell Petrol Pumps.

Participating Retail Outlets


  • Shell Petrol Pump , TP-7, Final Plot-6, Besides Anupam Cinema, Khokhra Crossroad
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Plot No.63 Paiki, Hirabhai, Near V-mart, Maninagar
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Final Plot No. 62/2, TP No. 1, Ahead of APMC Market, 132 Ft. Ring Road, Vejalpur
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Shell Petrol Pump, Block Survey No. 15, Final Plot No.16, Mauje Ambli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , FP 108, TPS No.13 , Opp. Calico Dyeing & Printing works, Sewage Farm Road, Near Dani Limda Crossing, New Ddhor Bazaar, Behrampura
  • Shell Petrol Pump , T P 38, F P 206, Thaltej Shilaj Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , F.P. No 25/8P, T.P Scheme No 27,Prahladnagar, 100 feet Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , F.P No. 83/P, T.P No.10, Near Ajit Mills Compound, Rakhiyal
  • Shell Petrol Pump , F.P. No 229, T.P.Scheme No 29, Near Sarthak Party Plot, 132 Ft Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad 380013
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Old Vijay Mill Compound, Opp. Naroda Fire Station, Kalupur Naroda Road, Asarawa


  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 29, Vittal Mallaya Road, Next to UB City
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Ward no. 8, Site No. 61, Arekempanahalli, Hosur Road, Near Lalbagh Vegetable Market
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 243 / 279 / 91, Survey No 8/1B, Byatarayana Pura Village, Yelahanka Hobli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey # 86/2, Hennur Main Road, Kacharakanahalli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 132 / 133, Seegehalli Village, Sai Baba Ashram Road, Bidaranahalli Hobli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey # 66, Siddapura Village, Varthur Hobli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No 18/A2, Doddanakundi Industrial Estate Area, Brookefields Road, Mahadevpura Post
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey # 90/1 B, Narayanapura,K R Puram Hobli, Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura
  • Shell Petrol Pump , #145/2, Benniganahalli, KR Puram, Old Madras Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey # 204, Basvanagar-Vignanagar Main Road, Vibhutipura Village
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Site #1, Bull Temple Road, Near Shanthi Sagar, Chamrajpet
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey No 17, 2nd Main road, Ward no 99, Sadashiva Nagar
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 6 & 6/1, Survey # 22, Bellary Road, Ganganagar, Near Mekhri Circle
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 126/4, Industrial Suburb, Dr.Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 36/3, Tumkur Main Road, Opp.RMC Yard, Yeshwanthpur
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey No 235, Ward No 41, Opp to BHEL, Mysore Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 326, Opp. Kwality Biscuits,Next-BHEL Factory, Mysore Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No.6, 3rd Cross, Post Toll Gate, Mysore Road, Guddadahalli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Site Nos.15/3 & 15/4, Outer Ring Road, Stage-II, Opp. Kengeri Telephone Exchange, Kengeri Satellite Town
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Site Survey No. 23 /1,Opp. Laxmi Theatre, Beside Gurudarshan Public School,Gottigere Village,Banerghatta Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Site Survey No.31/1, Talaghattapura Village, Uttarahalli, Hobli, Bengaluru
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No. 80/2, Katha No. 806/820/900/80/2, Outer Ring Road, Ward No. 150, Bellandur, Varthur Hobli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , #777, 15th Cross, Sarakki 1st Phase Extn.JP Nagar, 100 feet Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 39/2a2, Hongasandra village, Hosur main road, Begur hobli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey. No. 128/1, Opp. Nidhi Bakery, Kempegowda Nagar, Byadarahalli, Magadi Main Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No.26, A.D.Halli, Magadi Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 423, Survey No. 17, Tumkur Road, Nagasandra Post, Yeshwanthpur Hobli


  • Shell Petrol Pump , New No-231, Old No-210, MTH Road, Padi
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 142/2A, Semmancheri, OMR, Tambaram, Kancheepuram Dt
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 133, GST Road, Chrompet
  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 119, Velachery Tambaram Main Road, Pallikaranai, Adjacent to Jerusalem College of Engineering
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 34B / 1A1 / 35B, Rajakilpakkam, Tambaram Velachery Main Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 99-A, Mount Poonamallee Road, Porur
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S.No: 603/3A2A, 51, Poonamallee Trunk Road, Poonamallee Town
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 49 NP, JN Road, Ekkattuthangal, Next to Jaya TV
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 81/64,GNT ROAD, Kanakanchatram, Madhavaram Village
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Old # 158, New # 90, 200 Feet Link Road, Zamin Pallavaram Village, Tambaram Taluk, Kancheepuram Dist
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No.1-D, Arcot Road, Vadapalani
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 4-A, Arcot Road, Valsaravakkam, Ambattur Taluk, Thiruvallur District


  • Shell Petrol Pump , # 193/4, Hunsur Main Road, Next to Nandi Toyota, Hinkal Village
  • Shell Petrol Pump , No.1131/11- F-20 and 1131/11- F-20/1 (old No.26) situated at Manandavadi Road, Fort Mohalla


  • Shell Petrol Pump , Gat No.: 33/1 & 34/1 , Mulshi Road, Bhukum Village
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S. No. 116/1, Near Soundarya Dhaba, Mumbai-Bengaluru highway, Warje-Malwadi
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Block D 2, Plot No 29/15, Telco Road, Chinchwad, MIDC
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S.No:162, Village Kuruli, Chimbali Phata, Chakan
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Survey No. 54, Hissa No 1/3 & 1/2, Village Mundhwa, Magarpatta Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S. No. 40/3, Jambhulkar Basti, Hinjewadi Chowk, Taluka Mulshi
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S. No. 90 / 2a & 2b, NH-4, Village Tathode, Opp. D.Y.Patil Hotel Management Institute Taluka Mulshi
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Gat No. 207, Near Subham Mangal Karyalaya, Pune-solapur Road, Loni Kalbhor
  • Shell Petrol Pump , S.No.189 & 190, CTS No. 4856 & 4856/1, Village Pimpri Waghere, Near Hotel Kalasagar, Mumbai-Pune NH4, PCMC, Taluka-Haveli
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Plot No.D-4 S.No. 177/2 & 188/2, CTS No. 4858/1-3, Village Pimpri Waghere, Mumbai-Pune NH4, PCMC, Taluka-Haveli


  • Shell Petrol Pump , Opp.Sony center, Nr.Gaisford Talkies, Trikon Bagh, Yagnik Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Shell Petrol Pump, Opp.Lalaji Mulji Transport, Nr. Aan Auto Mobiles, Kuwadva Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , FP No. 422, 423, Plot # 55, 56, Survey No.111 Paiki, Opp. Crystal Mall, Near Rani Tower, Kalavad Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , City Survey no 3335, Gondal Road, Makkam Chowk, Opp Shivalik 5


  • Shell Petrol Pump , Shell Petrol Station, TP 20, FP 54, Piakee, Nana Varacha, Varacha Road, Surat
  • Shell Petrol Pump , TP 31, FP 17/B, L.P.Sawani Road, Adajan


  • Shell Petrol Pump , S.No.702/1/1, F.P. No. 158/8, T.P.S. No.1, City Survey No. 1535, Opp Kulpurush, Gotri Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Shell Petrol Pump, Revenue Survey no. 1056/2, Near Maruti Showroom, Refinery Road, Mouje Gorwa
  • Shell Petrol Pump , 481,Paiki, Opp. Ramakaka Mandir, Channi Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Final Plot # 316, TP No.18, Beside Kabir Complex, Tarsali, Makarpura Road
  • Shell Petrol Pump , Shell Petrol Pump, Revenue Survey no. 803/1 Paiki, Final Plot # 5, TP # 7, Mouje Vadodra Kasba

Terms & conditions

  1. The “Shell Cash” card Programme refers to a prepaid cards programme as per the details stipulated here (“Program”) and is developed for individuals for purchases of fuels, lubes and C-store items at participating Shell retail outlets in India. Participation in the Program is subject to these Terms & Conditions read with applicable laws, which may be changed by Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd., from time to time at its sole discretion and without any prior notice, and shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the participant of such Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time. The latest version of Terms & Conditions applicable to the Program can be found on the Website.
  2. All reference to Shell here shall mean Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd., having its Registered Office at the following address - Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd, 2nd floor, Campus 4A, RMZ Millenia Business Park 143, Dr, MGR Road, Perungudi, Chennai – 600096, India.
  3. An eligible applicant is any person above 18 years of age and ordinarily resident of India (“Eligible Applicant”) and has expressed interest in acquiring a “Shell Cash” prepaid card by paying the amount as decided by Shell from time to time.
  4. Member gives an agreement to receive on the Registered Mobile Number SMS related with Transactions as well as any other Information Related with Shell Retail which may be relevant for the Member.
  5. The facilities available through the Website, including but not limited to, Card reload, reporting of lost Cards, and display of transaction reports shall be considered online services (“Online Services”).
  6. The Shell Website supporting the Program (www.shell.com/india/cards) shall contain certain details relating to the Program.
  7. Upon completing the process stipulated here, the Shell Cash pre-paid Card (“Card”) may be issued in the manner stipulated above. The Card may also be handed over by an Eligible Applicant as a gift to another person and the person to whom the Card is being issued or the person who receives the Card as a gift shall be the Card Holder (“Card Holder”).
  8. Whenever any non-personalized Card containing only a Card number has been issued, the Card Holder shall have the option to become a Member by completing the necessary formalities either on the Website or at any other location as may be arranged by Shell. The Member may be entitled to certain benefits, which may be decided by Shell from time to time.
  9. A Card Holder needs to preload the Card with money he/she wishes to spend at a participating Shell retail outlet, subject to a minimum load / reload as prescribed by Shell from time to time.
  10. The amount of money preloaded in a Card can be used by the Card Holder / Member to purchase fuel / lubes / C-store item at a participating Shell retail outlet.
  11. No interest is payable to the Card Holder/Member on the amount of money loaded on the Card.
  12. Money once loaded on the Card by a Card Holder/Member cannot be withdrawn in the form of cash at any of the participating Shell retail outlet. The Card Holder/Member may refer the T&C Brochure available in English & the Vernacular Language at the Shell retail Sites at the time of issuance of the Card.
  13. Clicking on the “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” key in the Application Form on the website would be construed as the applicant having signed the Form and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions herein.
  14. All Eligible Applicants who wish to enroll into the program will be deemed to have become a Member only after the first transaction by the Card Holder.
  15. Each personalized Card issued to a Member is strictly personal to the individual to whom it has been issued and is non-transferable.
  16. Any tax, charge or other liability incurred by a Card Holder as a result of his/her usage of the Card or the use of any other benefit shall be to the account of and shall be the sole responsibility of the Card Holder.
  17. By applying for membership to the Program, a Member explicitly authorizes Shell and also any of the organizations / 3rd parties that Shell may appoint or with which Shell may finalize arrangements, to use data stored of the Member for marketing or communication purposes.
  18. A Card issued is valid for a period of one year or any other specified / specific period as embossed on the Card subject to the other Terms & Conditions herein provided. Shell reserves the right to change the period with / without prior notice to the Card Holder at its sole discretion.
  19. The validity period of the membership will be determined by Shell, subject to an annual membership renewal fee to be paid by the Member. The renewal fees applicable would be as on the date of renewal. The amount of such fee shall be decided by Shell at its sole discretion and is subject to revision by Shell, without any prior notice or intimation.
  20. All issued Cards of a Member remain the property of Shell and must be returned upon termination of membership or sought by Shell hereunder for any reason.
  21. Shell Cash Card monthly Cashback shall be credited in the first week of next month to the month of the eligible Purchase by the Registered Card Holders. Cash back for any other promotion announced in the course of Programme shall be credited into the card holders account within 45 days.
  22. A membership to the Program can be cancelled, subject to fees as applicable on date of request.
  23. A Member shall immediately notify for blocking the Card of the Member through the Website or call the Customer Care center at 1800 425 03000/022 4042 6026, if a Card is lost, stolen or damaged. If lost hot listed Card is subsequently found, it cannot be de-hot listed and the Card Holder will have to apply for a replacement Card. A reference number and transaction slip is generated for such notification through any of the referred modes and it must be checked for accuracy by the Card Holder. A non member card which is not registered with Shell cannot be blocked and Shell is not liable for any losses arising out of the loss of any such card. In case of a member card being lost, the card balance as at time of blocking less the replacement fee would be reloaded on the replacement card.
  24. The Cards can be replaced for a fee. Shell reserves the right to fix a fee for Card replacement at its discretion from time to time. Requests received for blocking and/or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged Card through any of the processes defined by Shell would be construed as genuine and Shell will not be responsible and / or liable for consequences arising out of it acting upon such requests should any fraud, trick, forgery, impersonation or misrepresentation be involved in such requests. The Card Holder will be fully responsible for ensuring adequate precautions and will also be fully responsible for all liabilities / consequences arising out of any request received for blocking and/or replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged Card either from the Card Holder or from any impersonator. Shell’s decisions will be final and binding in the entire process and any dispute in this regard will not be entertained.
  25. All telephone instructions received shall be verified on the basis of personal details submitted by the User during Registrations or updated there after in accordance with the T&C of the Programme. They shall be deemed accurate and Shell shall not be liable for executing these instructions in good faith.
  26. Shell provides no guarantee in relation to the Online Services or the data available within it. The Card Holder accepts the Online Services and the data available via these services “as is” and any use of the Online Services shall be undertaken at the Card Holder’s account and risk. Shell undertakes that reasonable skill and care is used to ensure that the Shell Website and the Online Services are available for Card Holder. However the Card Holder acknowledges that it is technically impossible for Shell to ensure that the Shell Website and the Online Services are always available and Shell does not undertake to provide such uninterrupted availability.
  27.  The Card Holder agrees that by using the Card, at participating Shell retail outlets, and / or by submitting their application Form to Shell or through the Website, he / she has read and understood the prevailing Terms & Conditions of the Program and confirms that he / she is bound by such Terms & Conditions voluntarily and agrees to pay all specified charges. Usage of the Card by a Card Holder after updation of Terms & Conditions would be considered as confirmation of acceptance of the revised Terms & Conditions by the Card Holder.
  28. The rates of fuels / lubricants / convenience retail items applicable at a participating Shell retail outlet are subject to revision without any prior intimation to Card Holders. The rates applicable for any purchase transaction at a participating Shell retail outlet shall be as on date of purchase.
  29. Shell may at its sole discretion update the list of participating retail outlets without any prior notice to the Card Holders.
  30. Shell reserves the right to decide on the product range available (fuels / lubes and C-store items) for the Card Holders / Members to purchase using the Card at any of its participating retail outlets.
  31. The Membership of the Program entitles the Member to various services, including but not limited to re-loads of Cards through various means, hot listing of Cards, replacement of lost Cards etc. Shell reserves the right to add or remove any services without prior notice. Shell also reserves the right to charge and revise the fees applicable for any or all such services without any prior intimation at its sole discretion. The schedule of such services and the fees applicable is available at www.shell.com/india/cards
  32. Notwithstanding any provision here, Shell shall not be liable in any manner with respect to use of the Cards whether by any Card Holder, its nominees or any third party and reserves the right to reject any application at its sole discretion.
  33. The above Terms & Conditions are subject to revision / updation at the sole discretion of Shell without any prior intimation.
  34. Any dispute relating to the Cards shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Bangalore.

Last Revised Date: 1st March 2015