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Unleaded from Shell

Unleaded from Shell is designed to help keep your engine clean and helps protect against corrosion.

At Shell we are committed to providing quality fuels.      

Shell has played a leading role in the development of high quality fuels. For over 100 years, we have been supplying quality fuels, and investing in the best people and science in order to drive fuel technology forward.

We go to great lengths to understand the needs of our customers. In fact, over the years, we’ve performed road trials equivalent to going round the world hundreds of times. Closely monitored from refinery to road, we believe we deliver quality fuels at competitive prices. Our ongoing investment in research and development programmes is focussed on developing fuels designed to move you better.

Shell’s Fuel Economy Formula is designed to reduce the losses in the engine efficiency caused by engine deposits. Extensive research and testing have resulted in the Fuel Economy formula for our Unleaded and Diesel. Whether it is the cleaning system in the our Unleaded fuel, or Diesel’s faster, cleaner ignition, every drop of our new formulae helps to prevent the build up of deposits that can harm your engine’s performance over time.

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