Unleaded from Shell is designed to help keep your engine clean and helps protect against corrosion

To operate at their best, engines require the precise amount of air and fuel to enter the engine and be mixed together at the right time.

With some fuels, deposits may form over time on the back of the inlet valves. This can lead to delays in the required fuel charge entering the engine and a poor mix of fuel and air, reducing the engine’s performance.

Unleaded from Shell has been formulated to help prevent the build-up of these deposits, and to help maintain your engine’s performance.

Formulated to help protect against corrosion

Many of the components in the vehicle’s fuel system are metallic, and consequently there is potential for corrosion to take place. The special formulation used in Unleaded from Shell is designed to help protect your engine and fuel system against steel corrosion.

Unleaded from Shell is the right fuel for drivers who want a fuel designed to move you better.

If you care about quality:

Fuel is a complex product composed of many different components. As a minimum, it must be blended to meet the applicable specifications in force for its use in many different situations. However Shell's pro-active quality management processes go way beyond simply meeting specifications.

We consider a fuel to be fit-for-purpose when it not only meets the relevant specification but also carries assurances that it will reliably perform as expected every time, without causing any harmful effects during supply, distribution and end use.

If you care about your engine

Unleaded from Shell is formulated to help keep the engine clean and to help protect against corrosion.

Can I mix Unleaded from Shell with another non-Shell petrol?

Yes. Unleaded from Shell can be mixed with other unleaded automotive petrol.

However, to help maximise the opportunity to realise the full benefits it is designed to offer, Shell recommends that you refuel with Unleaded from Shell every time.

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