In This Section

  • Port Lay out

    Layout of the first all-weather LNG led multi-cargo port in India.

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  • General Description - LNG Port

    Approaches for ships to Hazira Port Pvt Ltd.

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  • Harbour Details

    Access for ships into Hazira (Surat) Port.

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  • Port Facility Structure

    General description of the Port and its facilities.

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  • LNG Jetty Description

    Detailed description of the LNG Jetty structure, fixtures and limitations.

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  • LNG Berth

    Approach and Mooring process at the LNG berth.

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  • Control & Security

    General description of surveillance and security management.

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  • Conditions of Use

    Details of the 'Conditions of Use' (COU) that are applicable for all incoming LNG vessels.

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  • Weather

    General guidance on the seasonal weather patterns and infrequent cyclones at Hazira, Gujarat.

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  • LNG Ship Design Data

    Description of minimum and maximum sizes of LNG vessels acceptable at Hazira, Gujarat.

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  • LNG Vessel Acceptance

    Details of the processes to be completed prior to any LNG vessel accepted to call Hazira.

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  • LNG Vessel Mooring/Unmooring

    Applicable process related to mooring at Hazira and maintenance of position during discharging.

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  • Facility & Services at LNG Berth

    Description of various facilities available to calling LNG vessels and their crew.

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  • Details Magdalla Group of Ports

    Contact details of Gujarat Maritime Board and Vessel Traffic Information System.

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More In Hazira Port Pvt Ltd

Brief Summary

This section contains general information on the Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd.

Vessel Communication

View the mandatory communication protocol and documentation requirements prior to vessel call at Hazira.

Pollution & Environment

Expectations form each calling vessel with respect to the MARPOL (marine pollution) requirements at the Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd.