Approach channel

An entrance channel connects the port with the deep water of the Sutherland Channel. The dredged depth of minus 13 meter CD allows for arrival and departure of LNG carriers up to a draft of 12.3 m. The straight approach channel has a clear width of 700 m at the seaside tapering off to a width of 470 meter between the breakwaters to allow unobstructed easy entrance/departure of ships. The orientation of the approach channel is heading 070 - 250 degrees north.

Turning basin and LNG berth pocket

The port contains a turning basin with a radius of 300 meter for the maneuvering of Tug assisted LNG-Carrier during berthing and un-berthing. The depth of the basin and the LNG-Carrier berth is such that the LNG-Carrier is able to leave the berth for all water levels and remain in the berth pocket under all tidal conditions [including LAT]. The depth at the berth pocket is CD -13 m.


The breakwaters provide protection for the berth from the SW monsoon waves and swell and for the currents parallel to the coastline. The causeway provides access to the LNG jetty and is at such a level that flooding under design still water conditions is prevented.

Non- LNG Harbour details

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