All the vessels nominated for the Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. for loading or discharging operations should be of acceptable standards for operation at the jetties. Only vessels which have been vetted and entered as 'Approved' in the GMAS system of STASCO will be accepted at the Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. This confirmation has to be repeated for all vessels for each call (even for the same vessel).

Additionally, the Port team with Liaise with the vessel operators to confirm Compatibility between the vessel and the Terminal. This will also include an Optimoor study. Any vessel incompatible with the terminal will not be able to call at the port.

Vessel Port Stay

During vessel stay in the port, a ship inspection will be carried out by BM/LM, with the knowledge of ships captain, to highlight any deficiencies observed during berthing, un-berthing, discharging operations of the vessel.

If any deficiencies are observed by the Pilot/BM, he will enter same in the S.A.F.E inspection report. A copy will be sent to STASCO. Record of the vessel deficiency will be maintained in the Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd. Control.

Same ship will not be accepted in the Hazira unless a corrective action has been confirmed by ship owners through STASCO.

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