There is an increasing need for a cleaner and reliable energy source to meet India’s growing energy demand. As the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, natural gas has a key role to play in meeting the country’s demand for more and cleaner energy.

The Government of India has introduced various initiatives to support the development of infrastructure and competitive markets to deliver Natural gas, a cleaner, reliable and affordable fuel, for powering robust economic growth and aspires to increase the share of natural gas in the energy mix up to 15%. Small-scale LNG has an important role to play in realising this aspiration by enhancing the energy access to, particularly for energy consumers not connected to the gas pipeline network.

LNG Supply by Trucks

The LNG truck loading facility at our Hazira Terminal was recently inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Steel, Government of India. Through this facility, we will now be able to supply natural gas by trucks to customers across the country including the off-grid consumers enabling them to enhance productivity with lower emissions.

The Industrial consumers stand to benefit the most through diversification and optimisation of supply sources and mix. The supply of LNG by trucks also support the development of the recently licensed CGDs, especially the ones which are yet to be connected to gas transportation networks.

LNG for Transportation

Switching heavy-duty vehicles to LNG diversifies the fuel mix and can help reduce harmful air pollution. LNG has the potential to offer fuel cost savings when compared to conventional diesel.

For India’s growing air quality concerns, LNG as a transportation fuel, particularly for heavy-duty transport and inter-state bus transport, can help lower emissions and has been identified as one of the new generation fuels by the Government of India.

Our new offering of supplying LNG by trucks will support the development of LNG as a transportation fuel in India, as the segment develops.

Truck Loading Unit
Truck Loading Unit
Shell Truck Loading Unit Launch 3 (Dharmendra)
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