Truck fueling up at a Shell station

In another milestone towards improving the quality of drivers and being “inclusive” in both word and spirit, the Distribution team of Shell India launched Project Jyoti – a driver’s training programme. “Jyoti” means light and the aim of this programme is to enlighten lives and dispel darkness.

Shell India - Distribution uses third party contracted tanker trucks  to transport fuels from the terminals to its retail outlets . This program is envisaged to retain good drivers and coach them to be better citizens. This project can then be replicated by customized designing  of  training modules which can be used for driver training at various locations.

After an initial survey with the drivers about their needs and expectations, a pilot project was launched in Mangalore. The project has 4 modules :

  1. Improving language skills – The content contains verbal, reading and comprehension with around 150 sound clips of words to help the drivers with vocabulary and pronunciation. The aim of this module is to help them improve their basic literacy and communication skills.
  2. Investment planning & banking – This module comprises of different topics and options on investment and banking. It encourages the drivers to buildup additional savings in a systematic manner and give inputs on how to improve their returns, ultimately helping to improve their cash flow.
  3. Health planning module  – Maintaining one's health while being continuously on the road was a cause of concern for many drivers. This module is developed keeping in mind the challenges drivers faced to lead and maintain healthy lifestyles, and to tackle problems related to heartburn, obesity, spine problems, acidity, etc. that they got over a period of time on the road. It includes various exercises, some basic enough to be done even on the move, and helped to improve our drivers’ concentration, and reduce fatigue and stress.
  4. Children Education – Steps to improve children’s education, information on the different schemes available, loans, etc. are covered in this module. It also provides basic steps to set up an alternative business for their spouses that lead to an increase in the family's monthly income.

Project Jyoti has so far covered over 120 drivers, all of them at varying degrees of completion. The drivers found the learning enjoyable and exciting, as most of them last studied or underwent such a training more than 20 years back. The Project has motivated the drivers personally and professionally, and has helped to build core values on ethics.

Some benefits that came out: Since, the finance modules included investment planning, it helped the drivers to better manage their finances thus leading to reduced stress at work. The modules on food, hygiene and exercises helped decrease fatigue and physical stress, increase concentration levels and enhance driving skills. The career modules gave them an understanding of directions available for their children and this has improved driver morale and self respect, further imbibing the message on 'Respect for Drivers'.

The language modules have helped them in their day to day journey management issues, and now they are more confident when it comes to discussions with local administration personnel during their travels.

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