Nitin Prasad, Country Chairman, Shell Companies in India addressing a group of startups during #makethefuture Accelerator India 2017
Nitin Prasad, Country Chairman, Shell Companies in India addressing a group of startups during #makethefuture Accelerator India 2017

At Shell India, we are driven by our purpose of “Powering more and cleaner energy solutions - through our people, partnerships and innovations - for India and the world”. E4 is a natural extension of this core purpose, and envisions to promote innovation and build partnerships, by nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Startups shall have access to infrastructure, expertise, capital and customers to help them accelerate their business growth and test the commercial and technical viability of their business offering. The startups will benefit from Shell’s Technology Labs and IT infrastructure, resources, network of partners and customers, and will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to other potential investors brought in during the program.

The Shell E4 program builds upon the company’s global vision to support the energy sector’s evolving ecosystem. Shell has a rich history of working with entrepreneurs across the energy value chain globally. Details of some of our programs can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

Aligned to this vision, #Makethefuture Accelerator India, which concluded earlier in March 2017, demonstrates Shell’s commitment to improve and build new energy systems through innovation and collaboration.

Shell E4 will be located at the Shell Technology Centre Bengaluru (STCB) and, is well positioned to leverage the vibrant Bengaluru ecosystem.

Disruptive ideas brought to life


Graviky: winning prize moment with Nitin Prasad
Graviky Labs, winners of #makethefuture 2017

Graviky Labs, winners of #makethefuture2017, captures vehicle emissions and then transforms them into art ink.

Graviky Labs removes heavy metals and carcinogens from the soot and then treats the purified carbon with chemicals to turn it into black ink. Traditionally, a pigment called carbon black is used to make black ink; but it is created by burning fossil fuels.

The ink, which is popular with artists, is called Air-Ink. One 30ml pen of Air-Ink captures the amount of emissions you would get after running a vehicle for approximately 40 to 50 minutes.

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Kite Power


How a rubber toy led to longer field lives

Sometimes inspiration can strike in unexpected ways. For Shell Senior Research Scientist Erik Cornelissen, it was a rubber dinosaur toy that expanded when placed in water that first inspired him. 

Erik went on to invent a synthetic rubber seal that swells on contact with water. Unlike the toy dinosaur, the seal, which is used inside wells, can withstand enormous heat and pressure underground. At aging offshore oil fields, his invention has proven to be invaluable to separate water from oil, lengthen a field’s productive life. It is now used widely in the industry.


Vehicle filling up with biodiesel fuel - illustration
MotionECO seeks to transform used cooking oil into sustainable biofuels

How to solve three problems with one idea

MotionECO seeks to transform used cooking oil into sustainable biofuels that can reduce greenhouse gases.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or as the team from Chinese start-up MotionECO would say: when life gives you used cooking oil, make eco-friendly biofuel.

In China we are working with MotionEco, a company that seeks to transform used cooking oil into sustainable biofuels. At the moment used cooking oil is sometimes illegally re-sold to restaurants, where it can endanger health. Rather more productively, it can be collected and re-cycled into cleaner burning marine, road and air biofuels.

We are collaborating with MotionEco to help explore how we can simultaneously tackle the challenges of food safety, waste cooking oil and sustainable transport in a Chinese city region.

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