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Retail in India

In July 2004, Shell India acquired a marketing license from the Government of India, to set up a network of up to 2,000 fuel retail stations in India. Shell India Markets Private Limited (SIMPL), a fully owned subsidiary of the Royal Dutch/ Shell Group (“Shell”) is implementing the license. SIMPL is a part of the Shell Group of Companies in India.

Shell is committed to Sustainable Development as part of its General Business Principles. Sustainable development is about integrating the economic, environmental and social considerations into decision making by balancing short-term priorities with long-term needs by addressing the needs of different stakeholders with innovative solutions that provide win-win results for all in the long term. Sustainable development is at the heart of ‘the way we do business’ for Shell India. We believe in taking environmental impact seriously & addressing it properly. Shell also pays due attention to social opportunity. This integrated, early-start approach differentiates the sustainable development mindset.

Working actively to realize our sustainable development outlook while developing our business profitably in India, SIMPL has linked its business plan at a fundamental level with its commitment to protect the environment, maximizing the social and environmental opportunities at a local level.

Brookfields Retail Outlet

Retail Outlet at Brookfields Road, Bangalore

For Shell protection of the soil & ground water under and the environment surrounding the retail outlet is of utmost importance. The incorporation of leak-proof tankage, piping & other devices into the retail station design of Shell’s retail stations heralds a new trend in fuel retailing operations, where recognizing & mitigating the environmental & social impacts becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Shell Retail in India has also taken the hazard around Retail Site constructions, to the next level with the inclusion of pre fabricated buildings and hydraulically lifted canopies at the Retail Sites, thereby reducing the risks of thousands of man- hours of working at height to a less than 100 hours.

Shell India also has a strong tradition of providing opportunities to benefit the local community through employment. Additionally Shell is committed to understanding the needs of the marginalized and looks to their integration in the local community. To encourage increased participation of this segment of the society in the economic opportunities generated by our retail fuel business, Shell India has adopted the following measures and has integrated into the business plan:

  • Design handicap-friendly outlets.
  • Diversity at work place especially by creating favourable conditions for disabled persons and women to work at the outlets.
  • Encourage economically marginalized youth to take up entrepreneurship opportunities of managing and running the Shell outlets.

Shell Retail now has a presence across 6 states- Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Assam in the country and remains keen to expand its presence in the country to offer customers everywhere our international quality fuels.

Diversity on the Forecourt

Shell is the only international energy company licensed to build and operate service stations in India. We have brought our environmental and social standards with us, including our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

Our quickly growing network of service stations has made a special effort to hire women, people with disabilities, and disadvantaged members of society. It started with listening carefully to ensure we understood their specific needs. For female employees, this meant installing separate changing and bathroom facilities. They work only the daytime shifts, so they do not have to work or travel after dark.

Local NGOs have helped convince families that our service stations are appropriate places for women to work. As a result, there were on average 4 women employed per station by the end of 2010. For people with disabilities, we made our sites accessible, for example by installing wheelchair ramps. At each station, there is a supervisor who knows sign language. By the end of 2010, on average two disabled people were working at each station.

Forecourt Safety as a Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Shell Global is committed to ensuring Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) for its employees, channel partners and site staff both professionally and personally, helping to make it a part of their daily behaviour. We are working on the global vision to achieve Goal Zero; everyone is accident free and nobody gets hurt 24/7.

We would want to offer our services at our fuel station in a safe manner and would like to thank all our customers for helping us by following these few steps.

a.    Switching off Engine while fuelling

b.    Dismounting from 2 Wheeler  while fuelling

c.    No using mobile phone near fuelling area.

d.    Following the traffic management – entry and exit guidelines

e.    No using any flammable material like – Cigarette, incense stick

f.    No taking fuel in plastic container – Approved metal containers

g.    Not leaving children unattended at the fuelling area

Customers, eventually, have started realizing the benefit of following these safety steps. This has lead to adding a lot of value to our services at the forecourt.