Self Learning Module

  • There are three stages to the NXplorers self-learning module – Explore, Create and Change – with tools and resources to support each stage.
  • The tools and resources use seven questions to guide NXplorers through these stages, enabling them to investigate the challenges that society faces and find real, lasting solutions.


  • What are the issues?
  • What’s causing the issues?
  • How can we dig deeper into the issues? 


  • What would happen if nothing changed?
  • What actions could bring about change?
  • What is our preferred future?


What action can lead to our preferred future?

Idea Competition

Participation in Idea Competition is optional for the participant  to enhance their learning and skills. Participants have to successfully complete Self Learning Module to be eligible to take part in the “Idea Competition”.

For more details on participation criteria, please refer Terms & Conditions.