Snacks and NAB


Coolberg - 300 ml

Buy any two at ₹140

Brew House

Brew House - 300 ml

Buy any two at ₹72

Redbull pack of two

Red Bull - Pack of Two


Redbull pack of four

Red Bull - Pack of Four


Redbull 350ml

Red Bull - 350 ml

Buy two at ₹261

Heineken Bottle

Heineken Bottle - 300 ml

Buy two at ₹170

Heineken Can

Heineken Can - 300 ml

Buy two at ₹139

Heineken Pack of Six

Heineken Pack of Six

Buy two at ₹650

Radler Bottle

Radler Bottle - 300 ml

Buy any two at ₹149

Radler Can

Radler Can - 300 ml

Buy any two ₹89

Kwality Walls

Kwality Walls - Cornetto (MRP 60 and above) and Tubs (MRP 219 and above)

10% off on selected range


deli2go cluster

deli2go - 50% off on cold beverages

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