The Anglo-Dutch oil major said in a statement here that the product offers multiple benefits for drivers.

"Shell Helix HX8 forms protective barriers around critical and high-risk engine parts, providing 40 per cent better wear and 78 per cent better corrosion protection as well as 58 per cent better oxidation stability and high-temperature deposit control versus industry reference oil," it said.

The synthetic engine oil, priced at Rs 850 per litre, is available across India in packs of 4.5 litres, 3.5 litres and 1 litre.

Launching the new product here, Shell Lubricants Country General Manager Mansi Tripathy, said: "The engine is the heart of a vehicle and needs to be protected by right engine oil for better performance, longer life and, above all, ensuring a smooth drive."

"With Shell Helix HX8, we will be able to cater to the changing demand of the consumers, expand our portfolio and strengthen our commitment to the Indian market," she added.

Source: Business Standard