Sreela's picture during family day at Shell

Stepping into a new life after marriage, I decided to quit my job, give myself a break and get accustomed to a new way of being. Having worked for so many years, taking a break from my career did not seem like a big deal.

After six months, however, my stay at home became monotonous. I kept asking myself whether cooking, maintaining the household, thinking what I should be doing next and how I should spend my day, was really what I wanted out of life. I missed the professional milieu and felt like getting back to work was the right move. I started looking for job opportunities, but nothing I came across suited my profile or gave me much of a boost.

This was until I came across Shell. Shell had a big drive for women professionals who have taken a break and want to restart their career. It was exactly the boost I was looking for.

I was invited to an introductory session on this initiative and I was so inspired and motivated afterwards. The company loyalty and job satisfaction of the Shell staff who shared their personal experiences in the company was awe-inspiring. I also heard about the multicultural environment and positive work-life balance at Shell. I knew that if I got hired for a role in Shell, it would definitely be a breakthrough in my career.

I have always wanted to work with Shell and I was thrilled when I received the offer to join in December 2016. And now, here I am. I have a very supportive manager, encouraging teammates, and I’m still armed with that same enthusiasm that I had the day I joined. I am completely job satisfied and, most of all, I’m happy.

For me, the best thing about Shell is the culture of work-life balance lived out by the people you work with. They understand that at the end of the day, being able to spend time with my family is what matters to me most. My colleagues are all very friendly, caring, supportive and encouraging. We are pretty much a family ourselves.

To all those women out there who want to make a career comeback, you may find a life-changing opportunity waiting at Shell. I know I did.

 “Seize the opportunity that life offers you because, when opportunities go, they take a long time to come back.”


Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.

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